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This cousin of cacao, known as "Copuazu" is quite a bit larger than cacao and has a delicious thick milky white pulp which is enjoyed throughout the region in smoothies and desserts. The seeds of this plant look similar to cacao beans but are lighter in color and more creamy and mild than the generally more bitter cacao seed. Copuazu is known botanically as "Theobroma Grandiflorum", indicating its larger flowers in comparison to cousin "Theobroma Cacao".


The Copuazu beans we use are grown by Bernarndo Huanca and his small association of farmers in the jungles of "Madre de Dios" in Southern Peru.


We stone grind the copuazu seeds which quickly melt into a delectable milky liquid. Fantastic to drink alone or add to your cacao & macambo drinks or enjoy in any number of culinary delights!

Copuazu - 1 lb

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