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We donate 10% of all profits to projects which support indigenous communities throughout the lands of the Eagles and Condors - North and South America. 

Our goal is to to support native traditions and ceremonies and the elders who carry their ancestral lineages. In addition we donate to reforestation and regenerative permaculture projects in regions affected by environmental destruction due to illegal logging, mining, oil drilling, and intensive agriculture.

2022 & 2023 - To be Announced Shortly


2021 - Ni Bero

In 2021 we chose to support a Peruvian Non-Profit called Ni Bero. In partnership with Seed Tree, a Non-Profit based in the US, which dedicated to reforestation efforts throughout the world, we donated 10% of our profits to Adam, Bella, and the team at Ni Bero.

In coordination with communities throughout the Ucayali region, they implement sustainable development projects that offer clean, appropriate and long-term alternatives to polluting waste management practices. Programs integrate recycling, compost, and other sustainable practices within local communities.

From their main plant nursery off the Yarina Cocha lake outside of the city of Pucallpa, they are able to serve many communities. Ni Bero focuses on reforestation of edible, medicinal, endangered and rare jungle crops and have partnered with many villages including Poyong, Ugarte, Bauanesho, Preferida and Nuevo Yarina. 


Our donation helped prepare a brand new nursery for the jungle Cedar that used to grow abundantly throughout the region. An extremely valuable tree species, the cedar has faced extensive logging and is threatened in the region. From one tree the founders Adam and Bella planted years ago they were able to harvest seeds and start thousands of Ceder trees destined for the deforested lands throughout the region.


Mateo was able to visit and support the project for a number of months in 2015.The family had planted cacao many years prior and Mateo was able to harvest and prepare chocolate in the traditional manner, learning from the native Shipibo population and teaching some methods he'd learned in the Quillabamba region of southern Peru.


Screenshot 2023-04-02 162816.png
Screenshot 2023-04-02 162747.png

If you are interested in learning more please visit the Ni Bero or Seed Tree website.

2020 - The Eagle Condor Alliance

In 2020, our first full year of existence, we chose to support the Eagle Condor Alliance, a Colombian organization which empowers indigenous culture and tradition from the Amazon to the Andes. The Alliance offers traditional healers the space to share their medicines in addition to funding infrastructure projects in their home villages. Their work with land conservation helps ensure there will be large tracts of territory in the Amazon Jungle that will remain unspoiled from industrial degradation.


In early 2021 we had the privilege to visit the Eagle Condor Alliance in Colombia and experience first hand their powerful work. We lent our hand on the new construction projects and our donation helped build a shared kitchen and house for the community.

eagle condor alliance.png

If you are interested in learning more please visit the Eagle Condor Alliance Website.

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