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"When the eagle and condor once again fly in the sky together our world will return to balance. The Eagle-Condor prophecy embraced by indigenous cultures across the Americas inspired the creation of Prophecy Chocolate.


The largest bird of North America, the eagle, represents the mind - intellectual, industrious, cerebral. The largest of South America, the condor, embodies the heart - empathetic, intuitive, compassionate.


This ancient prophecy tells of a time 500 years ago when the Europeans arrived to the “New World”. Soon the eagle energy grew out of balance and almost destroyed the condor energy, throwing our world into chaos. The prophecy, however, envisions an age 500 years later when the eagle and condor can once again share the sky in harmony.


Our chocolates are hand-crafted with pure and potent ingredients native to the lands from which this prophecy originated."

Who We Are


We have a big dream - to help fulfill the ancient Eagle-Condor Prophecy. The chocolate we make has been meticulously designed and hand-crafted to bring joy, happiness, and create balance in those we are blessed to share it with. Thank you for visiting and sharing in the vision!

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Mateo: I have extensive experience in organic agriculture having worked on dozens of organic farms in the US and throughout South America. In total I have lived about 3 years in Peru - there I learned how to cultivate and process many crops including cacao from generations of campesinos (rural farmers). From my perspective, nowhere is the spirit, beauty and authenticity of traditional cultures reflected more strongly than on the land, with the people. 

I first learned how to make chocolate using traditional methods while living on my friend's land in the the remote 'Eyebrow of the Jungle' region of Peru. Later, when I started importing cacao, I apprenticed with and learned more traditional European-style chocolate making from Eric at Somerville Chocolate.


When I'm not hard at work in the chocolate lab you can find me teaching children organic farming and gardening at a Montessori school, walking and foraging in the woods, or sharing a ceremonial moment with friends and family.

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Wasi: Firstly I want to give thanks to the farmers, the earth stewards, their families, and the lands on which this sacred cacao grows. Without them I would not be here writing this or in the chocolate factory working with the sacred cacao.

Thank you cacao for inspiring us, lifting our hearts, and filling us all with so much goodness!

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