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Sunset in the jungle of Peru
Mateo with partner cacao farmer
Direct Trade

Prophecy Chocolate imports cacao beans directly from  indigenous family farmers in Peru. Our partner farmers cultivate an ancient heirloom cacao variety known as "Chuncho", meaning "native" in the Quechua language. The bean's high cocoa butter content, balanced flavors, and subtle aromas of Andean and Amazonian fruits and nuts make this cacao one of the finest in the world.

The remote farms are located in hidden valleys in the Peruvian jungle of Cusco - just downriver from Machu Picchu. The cacao trees are fed by rainfall and crystalline Andean springs and streams. Our partner farmers use traditional practices, unspoiled by pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. 

Cloudforest in Peru

Experience the taste of the Amazon Jungle

The Eagle-Condor Prophecy
Our Mission

When the eagle and condor once again fly in the sky together our world will return to balance. The Eagle-Condor prophecy embraced by indigenous cultures across the Americas inspired the creation of this chocolate...

Moray Raymi festival in Peru
Ancient Incan Ruins
Stores, Pop-Ups, Events, Peruvian Rainforest


Heirloom Peruvian Seeds
For the Planet
More than just chocolate...

We donate 10% of our profits to indigenous organizations...

Machu Picchu From Above
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